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Tour to west Omo valley and Gambella

Tour Program

Tour Code = HTTA 0020
Tour Category = Cultural Tours

Day 01: Arrive in Addis Ababa and tour of Addis Ababa, starting your tour from the Trinity Cathedral, visit to the National Museum (archaeological and historical), which has the best collection of Ethiopian antiquities and archeological discoveries, including the famous oldest hominid “Lucy”; then drive up to Mt. Entoto, the highest part of the capital, where you will have a panoramic view over the town of Addis Ababa; a visit to the adjacent church of St. Mary; a drive down to the biggest open air market in East Africa called Merkato. Overnight: Jupiter hotel

Day 02: Drive towards the coffee region of Jimma via the green part of the country. Lunch will be on the way at Woliso Ethiopian Hotel. Overnight: Jimma central Hotel.

Day 03: Drive through the very magnificent countryside towards Tepi. If you are lucky you will have a chance to see some wild animals. Overnight: camping

Day 04: Drive from Tum to Maji, which takes you 1 hour. Make day’s trekking depending on the strength of the people in your team. You will visit the Dizi & Tishena people and then return to Tum for overnight. Overnight: camping at local village.

Day 05: Trek through the local villages from Tum to Maji. Overnight: camp in the Dizi villages.

Day 06: Trek from Maji to Adikas- this might take you 5 to 6 hours, and you will visit the Dizi tribes on your way. Overnight: camping at local village.

Day 07: Trek from Adikas to Kormu, where you will visit the Chui tribes. After obtaining permission from the elders, you will trek through their villages. Lunch will be served in lunch boxes on the way. Overnight: camping in a nearby village.

Day 08: On this day you will do some tiresome waking from Kormu to Kibish, where you will visit the typical Surmma tribes. By chance you might see the very famous Surmma stick fighting called Donga, which is a ceremony marking transition to marriage. Overnight: camping at local village.

Day 09: Explore the Kibish area and familiarize with Surmma people. Overnight: camp at the river bank at local village.

Day 10: Trek from Kibish back to Kormu. Overnight: camping at Local Village.

Day 11: Trek Kormu, back to Adikas. Lunch will be provided in lunch boxes. Overnight: camping at Local Village.

Day 12: This is your last day of trekking- but a very exciting one. You will trek from Adikas to Tum and meet your vehicle at Tum camp site and leave. End of trek.

Day 13: Drive from Mizan to Teferi. Today you will drive 180 Km, and admire the very interesting countryside of the Kefa region en route. Overnight will be at Eden Hotel.

Day 14: Full day drive from Maji to Gambella. Lunch will be provided in lunch boxes. You might get a chance to see some wild animals. Late in the afternoon, you arrive in Gambella.Overnight will be at Ethiopia Hotel.

Day 15: After having breakfast, drive about 100 Km from Gambella to reach Itang, which is located at the bank of the Baro River, where you will visit the Nuer people and their village, as well as their small daily market. You will then cross the Baro River by their traditional boat, which is made of wood. You will then return to Gambella for overnight at Ethiopia Hotel.

Day 16: In the morning, visit the Nuare and Anguak people and discover their very interesting culture. Drive back to Gambella afterwards. Overnight will be at Gambella’s Ethiopia Hotel.

Day 17: Enjoy an early morning drive from Gambella to Nekemte, which takes 7- 8 hours on the rough road. On your way, take time to appreciate the wonderful nature of the dense forest of the Gambella region-by chance, you may see some wild animals. Overnight will be at Wegagen Hotel, Nekemte.

Day 18: Drive towards Ambo via the Gudar River, which is the source of the Awash River, and which is one of the Ethiopian rivers used for irrigation and electric power generation. Your eyes should also catch some large coffee plantations. Overnight will be at Abebech Metaferi Hotel.

Day 19: Drive to Guder, 17Km from Ambo, where you will see very interesting waterfalls, then proceed to Wonchi Crater Lake where you will have a stunning view over the lake. Overnight: Abebech Metaferia Hotel.

Day 20: Drive back to Addis, where you will arrive in time for lunch and rest shortly in the afternoon at the hotel. After having dinner drive transfer to home

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